The Australian government is considering developing a visa for parents of Australians who wish to visit them

While several visa options are already available for parents to spend time with their family in Australia, community feedback indicates that a fresh approach should be considered.

Prior to the recent federal election, the government indicated that if re-elected it would enhance existing visa arrangements to enable sponsored parents to visit their family in Australia for a continuous period of up to five years. Although there are serveral visas available to the parents of migrants, there have also been limits on these visas. These limits are said to recognise the challenges Australia must face due to an ageing population, as well as the overall budget impact of older migrants. The limits also reflect the Government’s priority of providing visa pathways for the children and partners of Australians, as well as the need to target young skilled migrants to maximise the economic benefits of migration. Although there are certain costs that eldery migrant parents can bring with, such as increased claims on the healthcare and aged care systems, they can also provide certain benefits particularly in the areas of childcare and cultural education. Given the large costs that migrant parents cause to the Australian tax system, proposals to considerably raise the visa application charge have been mooted. However other proposals include changing the visa arrangements so that the so-called ‘sponsoring children’ bear more of the costs including income and health support requirements.This proposal by the government thus contains some of the following features:

  • entry and stay is not to burden Australia’s health care system, and adequate private health insurance from an Australian provider must be obtained by the parent;
  • applicants are to be sponsored by their Australian child ;
  • there is to be a bond arrangement, based on the AoS scheme (basically payments equivalent to the Australian pension must be lodged with the government; and
  • a concurrent migration application is not necessary and the visa will be granted up to 5 years with further extensions of 5 years available.

If you wish to have input into this process, please email your ideas to submissions should be received by midnight on 31 October 2016 (AEDT) and should be in Microsoft Word format.

For a more in-depth breakdown of the above dot points, the government proposal can be found here in full. Contact West Aussie Migration today if you would like assistance with lodging a proposal.